Press Releases

The New York Times

Six Couples, All With Story to Tell – New York Times – April 13, 1991
By Jack Anderson

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The New Yorker

American Ballroom Theatre has its way with Romance – April 24, 1989
by Valerie Sudol

The Pelican

Dance Moves In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Has Become A Cultural Arts Center For Music, Drama, Fitness And Dance
Feature article, The Pelican, December 27, 2013

“Dance Moves has opened its arms to the community and aspires to foster the arts culture in LBTS through motivation and inspiration.”

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by Katrina Rice

Dance Moves is more than just another dance studio. Owner and award-winning dancer Danny Carter promotes his business, located at 220 Commercial Boulevard, as a Center for the Arts in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. “My goal is to share this place, to help and promote other’s dreams and visions to come about. Whether that be in the performing arts or the visual arts. We’ve had conferences, beach weddings, art shows,” says Carter. “I’m passionate about the business part: to help, motivate and inspire another generation. I’m living my dream and my vision. And it gives me tremendous amount of joy. Now I want to help others manifest their own vision.”

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Ballroom Fantasy Spotlight

Danny was recently featured in’s spotlights section. Click Below to see the article;