About – Danny’s Bio

Danny Carter A.N.A.D.T.A (Associate North American Dance Teacher’s Association) is a member of National Dance Council of America and is owner and founder of “DanceMoves”

Danny began his career as a ballroom dancer in Atlanta with the Fred Astaire Studio in 1982. After teaching and competing in ballroom dance, he moved to New York to become a professional performer. Shortly after arriving in New York, he joined the international touring company of the American Ballroom Theater.

During his six years with American Ballroom Theater, Danny appeared on stage from Hong Kong to the Kennedy Center, performing to wide critical acclaim. In addition to stage performances, Danny was also seen in such diverse venues as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (1992) and several PBS broadcasts.

While he enjoys the recognition as a professional dancer, Danny’s greatest pleasure comes from teaching others the art and skill of dance. In 1987 he founded the Ballroom Dance Program at New York University. He served as director and instructor in the program until 1994, sharing the gift of dance with hundreds. He has taught students and private clients in New York, Atlanta, Georgia, Florida and Asheville, North Carolina.

He has won numerous ProAm scholarships and top competitive awards with his students. Though Danny lives in Florida, he continues to teach along the eastern seaboard.

Danny, through “DanceMoves” is dedicated to expanding the awareness of ballroom dancing by way of instructional classes, dance performances, and special social functions. Dancemoves seeks to inspire, encourage and create artistic excellence while promoting the therapeutic benefits made possible through the movements of ballroom dancing.