About Us – Testimonials

Floyd Flynn, Design Consultant
“I was a principal dancer with The Martha Graham Co. working directly with Martha and dancing with the company for ten years. I retired from professional dance in 1996.

I have been working with Danny Carter for over a year now to rediscover the passion for dance that was always at the core of my being. Through his teaching in the genres of ballroom and Latin dance, I have been astounded at his ability to communicate fundamental principles of artistry, movement and body alignment that inform all styles of dance and have revolutionized my own technique and dance experience.

I would strongly encourage any professional dancer to discover the vast wealth of knowledge that one will experience through Danny’s teaching style and technique. I promise that you will grow as a person and a dancer beyond anything you would have ever imagined possible.”

Priscilla V. Marotta, Ph.D.
“Danny Carter combines style, personality and a dedication to the spirit of dance. He is a delightful instructor and inspires his students. The time goes by quickly and the combination of exercise, style, and wonderful company is beyond compare.”

Judy Heidrich, Licensed Psychotherapist, Personal Energy Coach
“Danny Carter is an expert at tapping into the energy of the spirit. He guides one’s spirit to expression through dance and movement and is a master of his art!”

Carla Heinemann of Asheville, NC
“He challenged and guided my dancing and taught me the joy of movement.”

Esther Mandel of New York, NY
“In 1986, I had major back surgery for a severe curvature of my spine. After 2 years of recovery, my doctor, recommended physical therapy- specifically dance, for a full recovery. That was when I met Danny Carter. I danced with him 2 to 3 times a week. Not only was the dancing good for my back, it was good for my spirit and my well being. Danny has the innate ability to teach and motivate his students while they are having fun.”