About Us – FAQ

Do I have to have a partner?
No! Even when you have a partner in mind you need to know your own part. Working with my female students, “dancemoves” teaches the dance pattern, timing, and rhythm. While the female is learning the character of the dance, they are also learning to follow a “lead.” For male students, “dancemoves” also shows them the character of dance, but also shows them how to “lead.”

Is there an age limit for your students?
Dancemoves welcomes people of all ages for ballroom dancing instruction.

What type of payment do you accept for your services?
Dancemoves only accepts checks and cash for their services.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Dancemoves does not require a signed contract for their dance instruction. Our clients can purchase a block of hours-or if they choose, just pay as they go.

What are your business hours for your dance instructions?
In order to meet our clients’ busy calendar, Dancemoves Art Loft provides them with a flexible time schedule for dance instructions.

How long will it take me to learn to dance?
It will depend on the effort put forth to achieve the goals you set, since everybody has a different skill level. These goals may include a special dance at a wedding, dancing socially, or participating in a competitive dancing event.

Do you provide gift certificates?
Dancemoves will provide our clients with gift certificates for your friends or relatives. It is a perfect gift to introduce people to dance!

How do I get started?
The hardest step is the first one! Call (954) 566-9779 and make an appointment with “dancemoves.”

What is N.D.C.A.?
National Dance Council of America affiliation insures the instructor meets the industry standards. Only trained professional hold this certification to teach.

What is A.N.A.D.T.A.?
It is an Associates certification in instruction from “North American Dance Teacher’s Association.”

Why do you emphasize therapeutic movements during dance instruction?
While learning ballroom dances, “dancemoves” emphasizes posture, centering, coordination, balance, and cardiovascular. This will make you look and feel good while you dance.